the more projects you bring to KnowCap, the better your pricing

We have breakpoints designed so that the more you leverage our community, the more you save (both in the short-term and in the long-run).

1-10 projects - Standard pricing

10-30 projects - You receive a 20% reduction in the engagement allocation (from $25,000 down to $20,000)

30-50 projects - Founders receive a 20% reduction in the engagement allocation + a 25% reduction in Branding allocation

50-100 projects - Founders receive a 20% reduction in the engagement allocation + 25% in branding allocation + 30% reduction in marketing allocation

100+ projects - all of the above and 25% reduction in the investor relations allocation

become a partner

Introduce your founders to the next generation of business support. One where they only pay if they succeed.

No upfront costs to you or them.

premium partners

All premium partners receive priority placement for their founders. Since our inception, we have had a waitlist for projects.

This will continue to increase over me and projects referred by our premium partners will be able to jump to the front of the line.



One project completed from our community

Tap into our community

100k KCCTs

20% fee to hire



Three projects completed by our community

1 project waivers


10% fee to hire



Six projects completed by our community

3 project waivers


No fee to hire full-time

Project Engagement Waivers

Every project has an automatic $25,000 engagement allocation attached to it. For premium partners, your projects get that completely wiped away.

KnowCap Core Tokens (KCCTs)

KCCTs represent ownership in our network. Premium partners are awarded in tokens will receive a portion of our profits until the network is depleted (100 years).

Hire members of our community

Partners are able to use projects as a testing ground for future hires. At KnowCap, the recruitment success rates for permanent hires is 2-3x the average recruiting process.

premium partners 🚀

Test out new concepts for your business without taking on the added overhead of hiring more team members - saving you millions.

Our community will collaborate with your team to commercialize ideas and then either re-enter them or spin them out into separate entities.

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