the Startup Engine is a process with 125+ components across 8 areas of discipline

To come up with our Startup Engine process, we recognized that our goal was to help our experts focus on the most important pieces of building a business.

If we built a comprehensive plan, it would free the experts to focus purely on creating successful outcomes with their founder partners.

An company that goes through all 8 component will receive 1,000 hours of knowledge capital.

If institutional capital is jet fuel, founders use KnowCap build jets


Get a full style guide that shares how your company shows up in the world.


Gain intimate understanding how to connect with customers.

Digital Design

Shift to deep & intentional choices that establish trust in your brand.

Product Strategy

Build your product to enhance your customers lives on day one.

Biz Dev

It's time to generate sustainable revenues to spur your org growth.


Decisive planning to set up your infrastructure the right way from the start.

Company Strategy

Get expert advice on how to build your company from the ground-up.

Investor Relations

1:1 guidance to navigate putting together an investable package.

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