More Than a Volunteer, More Than an Advisor

As a contributor to the Knowledge Capital Network, you are compensated in a variety of ways that all roll-up to sharing in the success with the community.

That means that as we grow, so do contributor earnings.

From cash to a piece of ownership, to gift cards across dozens of merchants. All of our expert contributors are aligned and work together to increase the impact of KnowCap.

High tides raises all ships.

Do good. Earn tokens.

The more help you give to the under-resourced projects on our network, the more you earn.

shopping rewards

We partner with top-tier companies to offer rewards for contributing to KCN.

share in the wins

With every delivery you get a portion of the profits that are generated by the network.

cold hard cash

Get to the top of the leaderboards and you could make up to six figures based off of achieved milestones.

Interested in joining as an expert?