Because in the early stages of building a company, experience is more valuable than capital.

With KnowCap, you’ll be working hands-on with experts to build your business from scratch in a unique innovation program.

Continue scrolling to learn how we invest in high-potential startups using human capital.


We offer three unique programs, each purpose-built for each stage of startup growth.

Pick the program that’s perfect for you.


Connect with resources, consultants, and coaches to explore your idea, before you decide to take the leap into building it.


Match with a team of experts who will collaborate directly with you to build your business in exchange for equity.


A modern alternative to a business loan. We give you world-class services upfront, you pay after you succeed.




Build Quickly

Graduate from our 12-week and 26-week long programs with real results and the fundamentals you need to grow.

Proven Strategy for Success

Our Startup Engine process helps you avoid mistakes to build your business the right way, the first time.

Hands-On Guidance and Execution

You’ll collaborate directly with best-in-class experts, and leave the program with an MVP, verified customer growth, and pitch-ready assets in hand.

Get Investor-Ready

At graduation, you’ll have a refined message, practiced pitch, clear growth path - and access to investors.

Now Accepting Applications for 2022 Programs!

Experience how quickly you can turn your idea into a successful company with a team of experts by your side. Apply today.

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