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That statistics speak for themselves. Less than 10% of venture capital dollars flow to companies led by underrepresented founders. It's less than 1% are directed toward black founders. 
We took that as a challenge and built a model that helps underrepresented, under-resourced, and overlooked founders reach product-market fit and generate their initial revenues. Then we take it a step further and help them raise that elusive capital. 
Our team hails from diverse backgrounds, from Fortune 500s (i.e. Microsoft, Apple, and Capital One) to entrepreneurs themselves. We all have the same mission of helping ambitious people with incredible ideas, design and build world-changing companies.


Our passion lies with supporting communities by making sure they don't lose their entrepreneurial talent to the coasts. This results in job creation and workforce development, increasing the quality of life for all residents. 
Our focus lies in working with startups who have less than $200,000 in revenue and have never raised venture capital funding. 
Our vision lies in guiding 4,000 startups through our "Startup Engine" by 2029.


As a SEDA (startup ecosystem development agency), we feel that there are three major components to the success of an ecosystem built to support entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of startup development. 

First, you need to have programs that are inclusive and designed with empathy. They must not only help founders launch companies, it is important that they are accessible to a diverse array of ideas and backgrounds. When people and ideas clash in a space of innovation and freedom, magical things happen.

Second, the ecosystems must partner with cities to expand the economic impact. When the narrative for building and scaling successful startups is that you have to go to NYC, Silicon Valley, or Boston to raise funding, cities are hurt. Innovative visionaries exit, and with them, so does future job creation, tax revenue, and reinvestment back into the city's ecosystems. 

Third, corporations must have a clear and efficient way of partnering with startups and launching their own. There is a groundswell of entrepreneurial talent that exists within the corporate walls, much of it is untapped. When corporations are enabled to build new ventures at breakneck speeds, they engage in a different form of revenue growth. Disrupted become the disruptors.  

For Entrepreneurs

KnowCap IO was designed for people with ideas. Our mission is to help you turn that seed of innovation into a fast-growing company. 

For Cities

One of the biggest hurdles for cities is building inclusive startup ecosystems that will not only retain their local talent, but help that talent thrive. 

For Corporations

To survive disruption, corporations need to disrupt themselves on a regular basis. We work with corporations to design, build, and scale their internal ventures.

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