How We Came To Be

KnowCap was inspired by two statistics.

1. Less than 2% of venture capital funding goes to black founders

2. 80% of venture capital is controlled by four states

We envision a world where people with ideas aren't facing such insurmountable odds..There should be a safe place for you to launch a company. A space where if you wanted to work hard enough, you could eventually turn that idea into something much more impactful.

So we created that space and recruited amazing people to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs along their journey. Whether you have customers or not, have a product or not...there is a KnowCap offering that can help increase your odds of success.

Whatever success means to you.

25 companies and counting

We've invested in almost two dozen ideas, only a few hundred more before we reach our next milestone.

Two locations and counting

We've launched two ecosystems so far, with a dozen more to follow by 2030.

Five years and counting

We invested in out first company in 2019. We're looking forward to be around for 100 more years.

The Mission

Help people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies. Quickly.







01. Innovate Ethically

We aim to push the envelope in all aspects and at the same time we aim to change the world for the better,

02. Team work is the only way

We have effectively a dozen different companies under one roof. In order to serve our founders well, we have to work together across all departments and disciplines.

03. Coincidentally Conventional

We could care less about how we do what we do, but why we do what we do. Don’t let conventions control how we solve problems.

04. Constant Improvement

In our line of work, effective strategies and best practices are rapidly changing, we cannot accomplish our mission and also not stay on top of our specialties. We want people to always be learning.

05. Fail, but learn

Mistakes are guaranteed to happen, we want to document them and learn from them.

06. Why not?

Question everything.