founder + market

Is the founder built for the market that they're chasing?

unique insight

What is everyone else missing that you want to explore?

validated x research

Can we draw a line from your vision to an expected outcome?

what we look for...

Since access to KnowCap’s platform costs $0 upfront, we have to vet what ideas and companies get on it.

In the same way we want to protect our founders by vetting experts, we want to protect our experts by vetting founders.

It’s the only way KnowCap works as seamlessly as it does.

getting access to hundreds of experts is just 3 simple steps

1. Submit Your Project

Tell us about you and your vision for the future

2. Startup Prospectus

What are the ins and outs of your idea/company

3. Async Committee Review

Our experts will vote on accepting your project

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