standard isn't standard with KnowCap

Our flexible approach to giving you the resources you need is built into the foundation. You elect how involved you want us to be in turning your idea into something more.


Choose your own adventure or tap into the entire network to help you build your company.

No Surprises

Only pay 2.5% of your top-line revenues. No minimum repayment or countdown - only pay when you succeed.

Don't pay a dime for 90 days

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Earn KCCTs, build the network

If you contribute to the network by referring founders or ecosystem partners, you will earn KnowCap Core Tokens.

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knowledge capital

the startup engine

Chose any of the disciplines from our startup engine, we have dozens of experts waiting to help you build.

Now Accepting Applications for 2023 projects!

Experience how quickly you can turn your idea into a successful company with a team of experts by your side. Apply today.

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