Collaborate on ideas that change lives, while also changing your own.

As a part of our Collectives, you can choose if you want to contribute to an idea or if you want to join the executive ranks as founding team member.

The next step in your career could be to create your next opportunity and opportunities for others.

We see the future of entrepreneurship as one that is collaborative and dynamic vs. lonely and one-sided. That's what Collectives is all about. But it's also about freedom.

When you join KnowCap, you have the ability to choose your own adventure and put your energy only into things you believe in.

The freedom to contribute a few hours or a few years to solving a problem is different from a 9-5 job or traditional startup venture.

At KnowCap you have the freedom to work with a product designer from Nigeria, a biz dev specialist from Mexico, and a marketer from Paris...all in one week.

We are creating a global community that launches companies from scratch. Our secret sauce is that each company launches with over 350 team members.

The collective wisdom and experiences of the network are what de-risks each idea as it grows into something more - a vehicle that changes the lives of its customers.

Build together. Earn tokens.

Get paid.

The more Collectives you contribute to, the higher share of ALL of their combined revenues you earn.

Web3 is more than just a buzzword. Contributors own our network and the companies.

We are building something unique with our 350+ experts on our network.

If you choose to contribute to a project, even spending only an hour each week, you earn a percent of the network revenues. If you fall in love with a problem one of our collectives is solving - you can join as an executive-level founder.

These are the two extremes. What if you want to opt-in to joining a Collective after it's raised venture funding? All you have to do is raise your hand.

No matter which path you choose, you can do it with any Collective. You can be a product strategist of two different projects and join a third as the CEO. You can contribute just 10 hours to 10 Collectives, before deciding which Founding team you want to join for the next few years as a full-time team member.

We created this to celebrate the individual desires of each one of our contributors. At the center is ownership. Whether you commit 5 hours or 5,000, your time is valuable to the entire network. We all learn from each other and we are a better if our goals stay aligned.

Building on Web3 rails (Polygon network), means that we can share in the revenues, equity, and rewards all through your wallet with the blockchain acting as a non-fungible cap table verifying each person's ownership.

Win together.

The more revenues the Collectives the more value it brings to the network, regardless if you worked directly on the project or not.

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Control your destiny.

The freedom to join Collectives at will allow you to decide which ones you want to invest your time into.

Ways to earn.

network revenues

Each Collective sends a portion of their revenues to the network of contributors. The more successful the projects, the more successful the network. Everyone wins together as a community.

collective equity

Joining a Collective's founding team means that you will earn a founder's stake and represent that Collective at top-tier accelerators and venture capital pitches. You will experience 10 years of growth in 12 months.

collective comp

When a Collective has enough funding/revenue to begin hiring, KnowCap community will be the first place it turns. Creating full-circle moments where the community creates jobs to support itself.

Interested in joining Collectives as a contributor?