venture // a risky or daring journey or undertaking.

community // a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

KnowCap is an open venture community - a group where anyone can join to build and launch companies, together.

Create Your

Next Shot

The world is changing and KnowCap helps you change with it.

Instead of searching and interviewing for your next opportunity, we will help you create it.

Continue scrolling to learn how we built a community that will help you find your next, best career move.

Who The Network Serves Best

KnowCap work with three unique stakeholders of our platform. Each one has its own desires for the network and aspirations of what it could be.

Choose your own adventure for where to get started.


The engine of our network, we can't impact the world without the support of our members.


The extension of our network, they help us expand our footprint and reach with external projects.


The collaborators of our network, they work with our community to help build new products and spin-outs.

Getting More Than You Bargained For

Global Ambitions

Entrepreneurship is a global language and we aim for our network to speak it fluently. By 2030, we will be on multiple continents and growing our network one country at a time.

Build Together

As our network grows, so does its utility. We all benefit from leveraging progress into access. We have plans to build new schools, fashion houses, social hubs, and more...

Rooted In Social Good

KnowCap has a desire to build one of the biggest job creation engines on the planet. We believe that entrepreneurs can spur global exponential economic development.

Join the community and build with us.

Experience how quickly you can turn an idea into a successful company with a team of +400 experts by your side.

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