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KnowCap + TechTown partnership

We have had the pleasure of getting to know the Tech team at TechTown Detroit over the last year, and before that we invested in three program graduates.

The word excitement isn't enough to convey how we feel to continue our partnership with the TechTown and the Detroit founder community. As a founder we designed KnowCap to help support you by teaming you with world-class experts. We don't just armchair coach, our investment programs are built to roll up our sleeves and help you build a successful company.

The best part? With our model we don't get paid until your company succeeds. By putting 100% skin in the game and belief in our work quality and effectiveness, we make launching a business more accessible for people with ideas (even if they don't have the upfront capital to pay us).

Human Capital Investment Model

We have three flagship programs each with different approaches to company building. From a decentralized, 12-week accelerators...all the way to a 26-week Startup Engine process where we invest up to 3,000 hours into your company.

If you have any questions, reach out to Erin Leddy: erin at knowcap.io



A 12-week decentralized accelerator. It's remote and we accept founders on a rolling basis.

In Leap, you will gain unlimited, on-demand access to our Expert Operator Network with 20+ experts.

Cost: 1% of Company Equity


Exchange is designed to replace the friends and family or Angel funding rounds.

While we don't invest cash, we invest up to 3,000 hours (worth $150,000) of talent into your startup.

Cost: 3-8% of Company Equity



When you already have a customer base and product (or service) in the market, Talent is the best option.

Talent allows us to invest up to $75,000 worth of human capital in your company without any equity requirement.

Cost: 1-5% of Company Revenues

"I joined KnowCap because I wanted to use my expertise to help overlooked founders succeed."

KnowCap Team Member

"An investment from KnowCap took me from an idea to customers and receiving checks from investors."

KnowCap Exchange Founder

"The human capital investment model you're offering to founders is ground-breaking. There's nothing like it."

KnowCap Investor

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