Leap was built to be KnowCap's decentralized, founder-driven accelerator.

Tap into our expert operator network to help you build the foundation for your company.

Why Leap?

You are going to love Leap if you have had an idea, but didn't feel like you were qualified to turn it into a company.

We believe that the next crop of world-changing startups will come from "unqualified" founders.

We built this program for anyone looking to start a business, whether it's part-time or full-time.

Taking The Leap

Launching a company doesn't have to be a scary ordeal.

It can be as simple as having the right help at the right time.

We have curated hundreds of hours of content, established a robust partner program, and offer you unlimited access to our Expert Operator network.

All to help you turn your vision into action.


It is our mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone with an idea. Leap is reserved for entrepreneurs who have registered their company in the last six months.

After being approved for Leap, you can have a business up and running in under 1 week.

Leap Program cost

1-5% of Company Equity

Unlimited Advice & Coaching from Experts

$100,000s of Free & Discounted Software Tools

Hundreds of hours of educational content

Ready to Take The Leap?

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Our team commits to help you grow your company. We get paid when you succeed.


Investing in companies with up to $150,000 in human capital resources.


Sometimes you just need top-tier talent without the top-tier costs. We got you.