Talent was created for founders who have a product or service on the market, with early traction or revenues.

Why Talent?

We invest up to 2,000 hours of knowledge capital resources into your company.

Whether you are wanting to implement a product re-design, or determine a new feature launch strategy, KnowCap operates as your internal innovation team.

Once you are accepted into the program, you also gain access to our private knowledge base & over $125k in tech credits and discounts.

Becoming Part Of Your Team

With Talent we offer:

.Product Design

.Website Design

.Branding & Identity

.Marketing Strategy

You can leverage our team of startup experts as an extension of your own mission & vision.

Talent Investment Terms

With Talent you receive access to our team as a form of non-dilutive capital.

No equity. No board seats. No gotchas.

Our terms are tied into your revenues.


In short, we get paid when you get paid.

1-5% of Revenues

Up to 2,000 hours of human capital resources

Up to $125,000 worth of technology credits

Significantly Discounted Legal Representation

Private knowledge base with hundreds of hours in curated and original content

Ready to Apply to Talent?

Don't worry. We will be there with you.

Every step of the way.

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