We believe one of the most valuable things a founder can have, is expertise and talent in their corner.

Investors believe it too. Having a top-tier team is a major reason an investors will fund. But, what happens if a founder doesn't have the network or money to bring in a top-tier team?

Exchange is a program where KnowCap steps in to help founders build their startup.

And we do it quickly.

Why Exchange?

Only 2% of all entrepreneurs receive venture capital funding.

There is a missing piece here - access to angel and friends & family rounds to fund MVPs. We want to level the playing field.

We built Exchange for early-stage founders who have trouble raising outside capital to build their initial product.

Building Your Company With Speed

Everything about Exchange is about speed.

During the 26-week program you will work across seven teams to move your company light years from where it is now.

1. Product

2. Marketing

3. Branding

4. Design

5. Engineering

6. Business Development

7. Investor Relations

8. Operational Strategy

Our Startup Engine process was developed to increase the velocity of a founder going from an idea to raising your Seed financing round.

By working in the trenches with founders, we empower them to launch with confidence & conviction.

Exchange Investment Terms

We have standard terms for our Exchange program that make sure we provide the most value to the you.

In exchange for our investment of up to 2,000 hours of knowledge capital resources, we receive 3-8% of equity.

3-8% of Company Equity

Up to $150,000 worth of human capital resources

Up to $125,000 worth of technology credits

Significantly Discounted Legal Representation

Private knowledge base with hundreds of hours in curated and original content

Ready to Apply to Exchange?

Don't worry. We will be there with you.

Every step of the way.

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