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KnowCap + SAMPLE partnership

Sample and KnowCap have worked together since 2019. As two organizations who focus on supporting entrepreneurs, we are excited to deepen our collaboration in a formal partnership.

Working with Sample is important as our mission to help people with ideas continues to expand further than Atlanta (our home base) and the United States. Bridging the gap of people who have ideas and experts who can help them turn that idea into a reality. Our partnership offers founders a non-dilutive offering worth up to $85,000.

Before 2019 this level of investment was only available to a select few. Both of our organizations were built to disrupt this exact notion. This page gives Sample portfolio companies direct access to KnowCap's human capital investment model.

By putting our belief in the work quality and effectiveness of our model, we make launching a business more accessible for people with ideas (even if they don't have the upfront capital to pay us).

Human Capital Investment Model

KnowCap is short for knowledge capital. We provide access to experts who work with founders to help them get their ideas into growth phase. Our programs range from 12-26 weeks depending on which areas of your company you would like support with.

Our team members roll up their sleeves and do the work. Think of our investment as the ultimate skin in the game for people at the earliest stages of their company.


Apply to KnowCap

Whether you are just getting started with your idea or you already have a growing company, we can help you take it to the next level.

Our Startup Engine program allows us to invest up to $85,000 worth of human capital in your company without any equity or upfront payments.

Because you are coming through one of our preferred partners, you will receive a premium on your revenue-based investment.

Cost: 2-5% of Company Revenues

What's included in this partnership?





Work with the branding team to develop your identity systems from the ground-up.


The Branding team works with founders to build out their brand's platform from merch to signage, to its digital profile we'll help you build a complete identity.


A comprehensive guide on how to take your brand and build a cohesive digital persona for your company.




Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Company Identity Marketing

Customer Development


Brand Messaging

Mission and vision statement

Feature vs. Benefit Development

Landing page development


Pricing Positioning

Sales Relationships

Customer Journey Map

Finalize Website Copy


Strategy Specific KPIs

Growth Strategy Development

Ongoing Marketing Consulting

Founder Execution Checklist



We'll do a complete design or re-design of up to 10 pages. This includes marketing copy and implementation (if company uses Squarepace).



KnowCap's team of UX and UI designers work with our portfolio companies to evaluate and refine their product offering.

Backed by 3rd party research as well as direct customer feedback, your product offering will improve exponentially.

Competitive Analysis

We collect data about products (and companies) in the market. For example, you might have a long feature list, but you won’t know which features users value and use the most.

Heuristic Analysis

This is an evaluation of the current product and its ability to solve your ideal customer problems efficiently. Our UX team will perform a heuristic evaluation to test a product’s usability.

User Flows

User flows show the path your user will take through the product to achieve certain goals. By focusing on flows ahead of visual design, you build a product that provides value early and retains customers

Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi Wireframes

Wireframes are key to capturing customer intent before going through and building out a complete product. Y

You can leverage them to ensure you are solving the right problem for your customers and eliminating fluff to their user experience.

Clickable Prototype

It can be difficult to paint a picture of a product to your ideal customers without giving them the chance to "touch" it.

Having a clickable prototype allows you to sell the vision of functionality to customers and investors. We have seen our companies get letters of intent and term sheets signed from our clickable prototypes.




Throughout our process we have Founder Liaisons and Operations Specialists that work with the founders on a daily basis. These team members make sure the founders are getting value.


Our partnership and products provide discounts and free credits to founders in KnowCap's portfolio. From discounted payments solutions to discounts on marketing platforms.

Want access to Software Engineers and an in-house Sales Team?

Once you complete our Startup Engine program, we may ask you to join us for BOOST.

Boost is reserved for the best founders in our portfolio. Not everyone gets in, only those who are really driven to execute on their vision.

"I joined KnowCap because I wanted to use my expertise to help overlooked founders succeed."

KnowCap Team Member

"An investment from KnowCap took me from an idea to customers and receiving checks from investors."

KnowCap Exchange Founder

"The human capital investment model you're offering to founders is ground-breaking. There's nothing like it."

KnowCap Investor

Don't know which program is for you?

We'll work with you to determine the right fit.

First thing's first, tell us more about your vision.