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Why We Exist

Support The Ecosystem

Support the founders within ecosystems with follow-on investment dollars as they grow.

Underrepresented Founders

Provide opportunities for people without opportunities from normal venture funds


Help founders with big ideas, reach their next big milestone, regardless of their network. 

Network Effects

Create an infrastructure of startups who can leverage each other for exponential gain

Money isn't the only thing we provide

The first thing a founder wants from a VC is obviously funding to keep their startup growing. 

We add a few more things into our funding model:

Human Capital

Startups have access to our in-house experts when we invest with them. We have designers, engineers, strategists, and business operators at your disposal. We roll up our sleeves and enter the trenches with you. 


As we work with startups, we are building a data-heavy infrastructure that allows us to build tools to support you, as well as explore insights that may be hidden under the surface.

Strategic Partners

Much of our value comes through the piece that gets the least amount of press. We built our network to support you. This eases the process of makes raising more funding

Investment Criteria

In The Ecosystem

Organizations that receive KnowCap Ventures investments must have gone through another program within our ecosystem. 


We look for organizations that share our desire to see people and communities flourish and operate businesses that are economically viable.


We invest in experienced leaders and management teams that have a desire to measure and manage social and financial return.


We will only invest in ideas that have a chance at changing lives at a very fundamental level. 

Innovative Processes

We have to know that the founder or founding team can push through uncertainty and adapt to the needs of your company as it grows.

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