Giving Startups Access To Top Talent

Talent gives founders the people & resources they need to hit their next milestone. 

Keep your equity. We get paid when your revenue grows. 

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What Startups Get With Talent

Powered by Technology

To say we're tech savvy is an understatement. We work how you work. 

Free To Start

We don't charge you anything to post a job or even to screen and interview candidates.

Intensive Process

We create a personalized five-step process for getting you the best support for your startup.

Launch Quickly

It take a few weeks to spin up a team. Just tell us what you need. We'll get to work.

Multi-layered Approach

By being flexible we are able to work with you in any way you can possibly imagine.

We Are Your Team

We can become your in-house team or be in addition to the team you already have.

Talent Is Everywhere

We adjust as you adjust. Need more Talent on your team? 

We can find it for you. 

Find Permanent Hires

Enjoy Talent that you worked with? Bring them onto your team. We won't mind. 

Transform Your Idea Into A Product Customers Love

By using Talent by KnowCap, we'll find the right people to design and build your product. Even if we have to speak with customers ourselves, we are intentional about doing work that increases your startup's velocity.

Ship A Beautiful Product

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Build A Brand That Resonates 

At Talent, we understand a brand is more than a logo,  it's in every piece of your company. When we work on your startup's identity expect for us to build it for the ground up with your mission in mind.

Design An Award-Winning Brand

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Marketing That Moves The Needle & Drives Revenue

Marketing trends shift, but the foundational principles largely stay the same. The work you get from Talent will place your startup on the cutting edge while also increasing revenue & turning customers into advocates.

Get More Customers

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What You Pay For Talent

We're a little different. Our fees are aligned with the startups we support and the Talent we work with. 


Accelerate is an incentive-based pricing structure which means that we don't win until YOU do.

Talent is perfect for founders or small teams who need to get more done, but lack the financial resources to hire new team members or outsource it using traditional methods.

The typical arrangement is 15-20% of your revenues, with a $50,000 cap.

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