Leap Select was designed to create a competitive advantage for fast-growing companies.

Tap into our Expert Operator Network to help your company see around corners and shake the world.

Why Leap Select?

We wanted to create a special program for founders that are outliers themselves.

You can't apply here. Each founder is hand-selected by KnowCap.

If you are on this page, it's because we think you are on the cusp of breaking out.

We want to help you do it faster.

Select is Different.

Think of us as your special forces.

We have a diverse set of powerful operators that can help you take your startup up a notch.

From Product Design, to Sales Operations, all the way to supporting you with Marketing Research.

We believe that success can be as simple as having the right help at the right time.


After being approved for Leap Select, you can begin leveraging our Expert Operator Network within 24 hours.

You will have access to Leap Select for three months - extended from our traditional 8-week program.

Leap Select Terms

Unlimited Advice & Coaching from 25+ Experts

$100,000s of Free & Discounted Software Tools

Hundreds of hours of educational content

All in exchange for an UNCAPPED SAFE valued at $25,000

Want in?

Confirm your interest by responding to our invitation email.