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Residency: Rocket-fuel for Startups

KnowCap X's Residency program is reserved for the best of the best that come through our program. If Bootcamp is as the name sounds, Residency is our Special Forces.  

We designed this program for the most promising startups coming out of bootcamp, not only build their first board of advisors, but to also receive one-on-one coaching and strategic partnership support from their advisors. 

Residency Best Practices

This program is for the , we have a few suggestions for you:

1) If you want to get into the Residency program (think of it like our Special Forces), attend every session.

2) We made this program to allow for you to work on your startup full-time. Take advantage of this.

3) When it's time for your bootcamp sessions...lock in. You'll get the most out of it that way.

4) Respect your advisors. You never know when their vote could decide whether or not you get into Residency. 

How Residency works

Residency is a two-year program where startups will receive one-on-one advice on building a successful enterprise. Who better to serve as advisors than people who have been responsible for building their own rocket ship?

At the end of Bootcamp, startups will select their ideal advisors and the advisors will do the same for startups they want to guide through the process. 

In exchange for this commitment in helping their vision succeed, founding teams will grant advisory shares of 0.5% to each advisor and 3% to KnowCap Interactive. 

Why Should Startups Join Residency?

Hands-on Mentorship

Our advisors make a two-year commitment to help you build a successful startup. There will be a signed document between both advisors and startups that will state exactly what performance level is required to receive the advisory shares . 

This alignment of goals, mission, and incentives is how we can promise that our mentors will be hands-on in introducing startups to key contacts, arranging meetings for strategic partners, and even providing a connection into the fundraising process. 

Strategic Partners

Getting your startup off the ground is already one of the most difficult endeavors someone can take on. The odds are not in your favor as 7 out of 10 business fail within the first ten years (even less ever make over $1MM in revenue). When you join our Residency program it is our mission to make sure your business not only succeeds past 10 years, but that you hit that $1MM revenue mark as soon as possible. 

Strategic partners are like a kickstart to startup success. They will vouch for you when signing your first customers, they will introduce you to the right investors, and they will guide you as your team grows. We believe that these partners will make a material difference in the success of the startups that join Residency, after all that's why we hand-picked them in the first place.

Venture Capital Introductions

Picture it. You have developed this amazing product, gotten your first customers, and then you hit a wall. You need funding to really change the world and make this idea explode into a fast-growing startup. Raising capital is tough and grueling, some founders even equate to being a process that will truly test their confidence and conviction in their startup. 

By being a part of the KnowCap X Residency program, you won't have to rely on cold e-mails or networking events to find a warm introduction to an investor. We've partnered with VCs across the country that have agreed to take an initial meeting with you once you have passed the six-month mark of the program. We pitched them on the idea that a targeted introduction to startups who align with their investment thesis will take a lot of the legwork they do in order to source deals.


You need to know what service to use in order to properly organize a cap table? We'll find the answer for you. Want to know if you pitch deck will resonate with your potential investors? One of your advisors can screen it and we can connect you with a team who has expertise in that domain. Need help with hiring? We'll send you a process that is scalable and efficient. 

As a resource, Residency will provide you with education, tools, solutions, and even professional services. We'll say it until we're blue in the face but our mission perfectly aligns with your success. If you fail, we fail...we don't plan on failing. 

Success is the only metric.

While we do love when our companies get funded, that is not the end goal. Not by a long shot. KnowCap X is driven to develop world-changers and help them thrive.

Our Residency program is where that vision truly comes to life.   


Want to learn more? Send us an e-mail and we'll answer any question you can think of.

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