Because in the early stages of building a company, experience is more valuable than capital.

We know how hard it can be to get an idea off the ground. If you are in a state that isn't in the top 7-10 for venture capital it can be 50x harder for you founders to get the support they need to truly have a shot on goal.

KnowCap wants to change that. By partnering with us, we will give your founders the design, marketing, engineering, and operational talent to not only turn an idea into a fast-growing company.

But, also turn it into one that drives economic development and job creation.


We offer three unique programs for your founders to tap into - each one building on top of the last.

Leveraging a "stair-step" approach, we have a program that can fit almost any entrepreneur's needs.


A 4-week, all-out business sprint with unlimited access to our Expert Operator Network.

Startup Engine.

We get founders the talent needed to pull the growth levers needed to expand revenues and build brand equity.


The next step in a company evolution - engineering, sales, and fundraising. We get them in position to succeed.




No Cost

Neither you, nor your founders, are asked to pay anything upfront.

Proven Strategy for Success

Our Startup Engine process helps your entrepreneurs avoid mistakes to build their businesses the right way, the first time.

In the Trenches

Your founders will entire an intense, collaborative environment where experts are looking to bring their vision to fruition.

Take the Next Step

Having an idea is good, but what's even better is being able to execute and bring it to market. KnowCap is invests human capital to turn ideas into something more.

Seeking Ecosystem Partners Accepting for 2022!

Give your founders a new way to grow their vision into something more. Our team of +30 across six teams can get them there.

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