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the purpose of labs

To provide a space for the community to not only learn, build, and collaborate together...but also to inspire each other.

Building spaces for innovation

We are always asked, "Why build physical spaces? You can do it all online."
Our answer - because sparks fly when you rub shoulders with other people with ideas. When you have a space designed for creativity and collaboration, you are able to solve immense problems by simply being close to each other. 
There is something about having the ability to engage with our in-house operators and agency to get something built on the fly that will help our goal of helping 4,000 companies by 2029 become reality.
Along with having a space for founders to work out of, we also have a place for our workforce development programs and to host other groups within the community. We

Lab Locations

Intersecting culture, technology, government, history, and education...it was obvious why Atlanta is our first ecosystem location. 
KnowCap's mission is to help people with ideas built fast-growing companies, Atlanta is a city of people with ideas and skills to execute. 
Being so close to Phoenix means Tempe is no stranger to comparisons to larger cities. We chose it as our next location because of it's intentional approach to providing resources. 
That and the exploding student population that we believe we build the startup unicorns of the future. 
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Lab Locations

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