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Our Scout program is different. This is our offering to support the institutional investor community with access to our founders.

As we continue our mission of helping people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies - it makes sense to partner with believers in our model to provide them with exclusive dealflow.

KnowCap's programs are designed to help founders at the earliest stages. We have expert mentors & operators on our team and a focus on supporting ambitious people building great companies.

Why Build A Scout Program?

Investors are always looking for an edge.

Whether it's a community that they can tap into to find the hidden gems, or a super-connector that knows all of the best companies before they are on the radar.

It is all based on speed of conviction and the strength of the talented well that they are drawing from.

This means not only are they getting incredible mentorship/coaching, they are also learning how to recruit, scale, and lead.

Because of the amount of companies we will help launch, this means we will have a deep portfolio of founders that from all industries and with varying metrics looking to raise funding. This is when we intro them to investors.

The Value of Scout

KnowCap's model is designed to build upon risk-adjusted leverage. When you register for Scout you get personal introductions to our fastest-growing companies - before they begin fundraising.

Being able to move early & quickly on an opportunity could be the difference in hitting a 2x return multiple or 3x return.

When a company exits our programs they will have had upwards of $150,000 worth of resources invested into their success.

By the time they are introduced to our VC partners, they will have a scalable marketing & sales playbook, early traction and user insights, and finally a refined data room & pitch deck.

Getting Access

KnowCap will receive 2.5% carry on each deal referred through our Scout program.

Our portfolio continues to grow and we have now seen the value that we bring to other investors within the global startup ecosystem. The due diligence process we put our founders through, in addition to the 2,000-3,000 hours of human capital we invest in our portfolio companies, is invaluable at the earliest stages.

When investors enter Scout they are receiving the benefit of our training, education, and expertise - all of which we pour into our founders.

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