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We created our startup ecosystem development agency to support cities and startups alike. Most importantly, we asked entrepreneurs how we could build the most impactful programming for their needs and used their feedback to refine our own ideas.
The destinies of founders and communities are intertwined as the internet continues to eat the world and democratize access to innovation. Within KnowCap, you will find many ways to engage with our expert operators or various partners. 
There are programs for learning how to lead a team, mentorship opportunities, revenue and equity-based talent for when you need help but cannot raise capital, and even a talent pipeline for taking the next step in scaling your organization. 

Programs designed for founder growth

Designed to help startups within our ecosystem with getting off the ground quickly. We'll supply legal, marketing, hiring, branding, engineering, and product help (among others).

An online mentorship program where founders work with veteran operators throughout the startup ecosystem for 2-years to help them hone in their leadership and strategy skills.

Many startup teams are lacking the resources that it takes to get off the ground or take their business to the next level. With Exchange, they are able to engage with various services in exchange for equity in their company.

Talent is a revenue-share program where we partner with entrepreneurs who focus on cash-flow centered business models. Agreements will be centered around 1.5-3x the market value of the service provided.

Being in the same place as other aspiring founders can create an electrifying atmosphere. We'll offer traditional co-working. The unique piece is we'll also have a 24-month program where startups can exchange equity-for-space and access to all of our events/courses. 

Having so much access to founder pain points will give us a unique perspective on what tools to develop and when. This combined with our Startup Agency services is a powder keg for our own startups ideas. 

Having a successful ecosystem means that we will have to put our skin in the game as well. Our Ventures team will be responsible for making Seed - Series C investments into our most promising startups.


We believe that accessible education and training valuable skills to the community where our ecosystems are located not only helps us find talent for startups within our ecosystem, it helps us improve the lives of the community as well. 

Corporate Partners

Spaces where ideas can thrive

There is some kind of magic that happens when you build a space where people with ideas are free to take risks. A place where visionaries rub shoulders with one another and have access to a team of in-house experts to validate their models and help them turn ideas into reality. 
When you walk into one of labs, we want you to experience the pulse of innovation and that's why we are building our first location in one of the most cultural, networked, and talented cities in the U.S...Atlanta. 
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