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Designed For Founders To Build Companies Quickly

Experienced Builders.

We aren't new to this. Our organization believes the entrepreneurs that we work with have the capacity to change the world. And we want to help you build it.

Expert Operators.

Our team has a rare combination of corporate and startup experience. We've been on the teams of disruptors and the disrupted and can see both sides of the coin. 

Skin In The Game.

With Exchange, KnowCap aligns ourselves with the entrepreneurs we support. Meaning we're on the hook for doing the best work we can. If you win, we win. 

how we help startups

In-House Builders & Expert Operators


Designing and building your initial product is a high priority for most idea-stage founders. It's where customers can begin to give you feedback and see if you can reach product/market fit. 

Ship A Beautiful Product


Your brand is more than your logo, it's everything your company stands for and represents your value to future customers. In a sense it's the spirit of your company. If first impressions are everything you are going to want a brand that resonates.

Build A Brand That Customers Love


Getting your marketing right is the perfect storm of art and science. The goal is to attract your ideal customers that will find value in the product/service your startup offers. The trick is making sure you get in front of the right people, at the right time. 

Create The Flywheel That Attracts Customers


Understanding how to put processes and procedures in place so that you are able to scale quickly is paramount. Having an employee onboarding checklist, customer support & success, and cultivating investor relationships are just a few of the operational obstacles for early-stage ventures. 

Build An Infrastructure That Scales


Entrepreneurship is a combination of choose-your-own-adventure exercises on you encounter on a daily basis. Having expert operating mentors to help guide you through these decisions, and to repair bad choices, is why we surround you with an advisory board tailored to your company. 

Get Advice Tailored To Your Startup's Vision

Business Development

Having the ability to generate revenue quickly can be the difference in building a startup that changes the world and one that can't expand beyond it's hometown. Jet fuel for the modern startup is in sales. We can help you get your first 10-25 customers. 

Leverage Our Human Capital To Grow


We're a little unique.

Instead of paying with cash, we exchange SERVICES FOR Equity.

We wanted to create an innovative model that gives startups and founders access to award-winning talent, without the price tag that comes with it. 

Rather than pay for $20,000 for an initial brand design and identity, or $100,000 for a fully-featured product, we exchange equity in your startup for the services we provide. 

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