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KnowCap Detroit

A new way for undiscovered entrepreneurs

to turn ideas into something more.

Driving Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship

Our north star metric at KnowCap Detroit is to become a catalyst for job creation. We do that by helping people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies.

Read our Michigan Ecosystem Whitepaper

We spent three months and over 200 hours holding discovery sessions with stakeholders across the state of Michigan.

Take a look at what we found and how we believe we can help support economic development via entrepreneurship.

Leverage Our Human Capital to Build

When ambitious people with world-changing ideas tap into KnowCap, they receive $150,000 worth of services from our world-class teams.

Without paying any upfront expenses.

A new kind of venture program

This isn't arm-chair coaching. Our engineers build products and our designers build brands.

All from scratch.

A proven process engineered to build lasting companies

We designed our proprietary Startup Engine process to navigate the art and science of building a company simultaneously.

Through our model a founder will "graduate" knowing how to incorporate branding, marketing, design, engineering, operations, and fundraising into sustaining their organization.

If a founder is willing to put in the work, they will succeed. 30% of our companies receive an investment within 60 days of graduating.

The 2nd Ecosystem powered by KnowCap's model

We approach any new ecosystem with multi-decade mindset. Just as with Atlanta, we believe Michigan is a hotbed of undiscovered talent.

Three flagship programs

Our programs allow entrepreneurs from all backgrounds receive deep and intensive support in growing their businesses.

We invest up to 3,000 hours into each of our portfolio companies.







We work with entrepreneur support organizations

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