Because in the early stages of building a company, experience is more valuable than capital.

KnowCap helps founders by recruiting experts and turning their time into units of investable capital. KnowCap invests up to 3,000 hours into a portfolio company before they exit.


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Remote and asynchronous presentations

No need to travel anywhere. You can view it live or on-demand. Don't wait too long to peek at the presentations, the rounds will be closed quickly.

Invest during the pitch itself

We have partnered with a forward thinking platofrm, that will allow investors to invest in any company seamlessly. You can even commit capital DURING the pitch.

Try doing that while founders are on stage at a typical live event.

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Participate with a click of a button

Heard of one-click checkout? KnowCap's Demo Day is similar, except you can invest in startups with a click. Simply select how much you want to commit and we'll take care of the rest including setting up an SPV through our partners,

As easy as taking this 👈 photo.

Amazing deals on the future of entrepreneurship

Every company presenting at KnowCap's Demo Day is likely one you have never heard of - yet they are building the future of what's possible in business, real estate, entertainment, and more...

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See you on January 26th!

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