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Supporting internal ventures

Every company has a hidden gem within their ranks. Ironically, even when companies know where those diamonds are hidden, they have no way of getting the true value out of the talent within their ranks. 
We are not an corporate innovation program, KnowCap works with corporations by supporting the intrapreneurs (or hidden entrepreneurs) on the team. We do this by creating an environment for people with ideas to explore their vision of the future and give them the tools and human capital resources to execute on those ideas. 
 If you have team member that is fixated on a problem, and has a solution in mind, our organization can help them build and market their initial product. Then we will help integrate the new venture back into your organization.

M&A and Startup pipelines

Another way we work with corporations is by complementing their talent pipeline and R&D efforts with M&A dealflow and activities. 
We are constantly seeking out and working with innovative founders throughout the country. In the process, we may encounter startups that are a perfect complement to your corporate portfolio and vision. 
With our startup ecosystems we are able to find acquisition and partnership targets before their valuation is outside of your parameters. This results in transactions that are significantly below average with above average integration timelines back into your organization. 

Programs for corporations


KnowCap put together a new design for an internal product or interface. 

When companies are looking to initiate a new project, they can engage our team to perform customer development research, quantitative research on the potential offering, as well as initial product designs. 


The product research and design work is complete. Our team will build the initial product that your company is looking to offer. 

With a prototype in hand, we leverage lean principles to test with actual customers and iterate based on their feedback. Once we have a reliable feedback loop we will ship the product back to the organization with our recommendations on how to take it to market. 


With a product in hand, KnowCap can engage in marketing, branding, and growth activities to begin generating revenue for your new internal venture. 

For this service, we focus on delivering quantifiable results more than any other program. During the "grow" phase our goal is to create a model for growing customer adoption of your new product.  


It's time for your initial product idea to become a full-fledged subsidiary or spin out of the organization. 

Our team will serve as an in-house team of executives to create processes, hire team members, and generate sustainable revenue for your new product. Then we can transition out of the new venture once an agreed upon milestone is attained.

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