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Empowering economic development

A few of the top concerns for cities in the modern era are job creation, workforce development, and talent retention. These three all tie in to building a thriving community that is inclusive of all backgrounds.
KnowCap engages with communities by working with city officials to plan and deploy ecosystems that support economic development specific to their needs. By partnering together, we are able to know where our ecosystems are most needed as well as which programs we should focus on. 

Why cities love our ecosystems

KnowCap is designed to create sustainable environments for people with ideas to thrive. In doing so, we need to establish a cycle of education, innovation, and job creation. This is what make us a unique fit for cities.
The current narrative is that you cannot build a high-growth company outside of the main startup hubs. Even venture capitalists speak with their money as 80% of VC dollars are in California, Texas, and New York.  
Our aim is to change this instinct for local talent of cities and help entrepreneurs build companies right where they are. By introducing founders to alternative financing options, operational experts, and our mentorship network, we will help them thrive and reinvest their success back into their community.  

Programs for cities

Retaining talent is a complicated issues but remains the best chance for cities to thrive in the innovation era. 
We focus on securing strategic partnerships and generating exposure for your top talent. 
This may take the form of organizing a road trip for your founders to meet with influential investors. It could also mean that we work with your officials on creating incentive packages to recruit more visionary teams to your community. 
If you are interested in bringing a KnowCap ecosystem into your city, we can build one in 9-12 months. This is a fit for cities who do not have the capacity or funds to hire in-house operators. 
Our team will focus on building out custom programs for your local talent and establishing strategic partnerships with corporations. 
We will also jointly work with city officials to raise funding and secure a space for our innovative labs program. 
If your community is ready to make the investment in hiring your own in-house entrepreneur/innovation team, KnowCap can help you build out custom programs. 
By focusing on data gathering, we arm city officials with the blueprint for creating their own ecosystems where startups can thrive. 
In development, we rely on gathering feedback and insights from your local entrepreneurs and residents. By finding out where their biggest needs are we can build design a plan for city officials to begin implementing within a few short months. 
In order for a community to keep its innovative companies, it must support the organization with talent. If there is a shortage of candidates for the startup to hire, they will be forced to move to a environment that will help them succeed. This usually means fleeing for a larger city.  
KnowCap's workforce program is designed to help train underemployed and unemployed residents in highly marketable skills. 
Rather than attempting to attract talent to your community, this program focuses on creating it through intensive education curriculum. 
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