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September 19th  - October 30th, 2019


Learn from people who've done it before.

KnowCap X's Bootcamp program is just what the name evokes. It's drinking out of a fire hose. It's getting a crash course in developing a successful startup. 

We've sought out advisors that have lived the life and gotten quite a few t-shirts, and they are passionate about giving that hard-won wisdom to you. 

Best's free.

Bootcamp Best Practices

Since this is an intensive online experience, we have a few suggestions for you:

1) If you want to get into the Residency program (think of it like our Special Forces), attend every session.

2) We made this program to allow for you to work on your startup full-time. Take advantage of this.

3) When it's time for your bootcamp sessions...lock in. You'll get the most out of it that way.

4) Respect your advisors. You never know when their vote could decide whether or not you get into Residency. 

How Bootcamp works

Bootcamp is an 8-week learning experience. Sessions will occur Monday-Thursday, from 6-8pm EST. 

The layout of Bootcamp is that each advisor will speak for approximately 35-40 minutes with 20 minutes of live Q&A. At the conclusion of the program, attendees will vote on the presenters they would like to join their Board of Advisors upon their selection into our Residency program. 

Program Breakdown

KnowCap X Bootcamp is broken into eight components. Each one building off the one before it to help you build the foundation of your startup.


Making sure your startup is on the correct legal footing is extremely important. A cease and desist letter because of a patent or brand infringement can set you back.


Branding is more than a website. It's more than a logo. A brand is how a customer feels when they interact with your company. Having a solid brand means you can afford to take risks without losing ground.


Knowing how to make a beauitiful product is what can tip the scales or your startup. They call it product-market fit for a reason.


Marketing. You have to get prospects into the funnel somehow and keeping that funnel full as well as making sure that it's not leaking is priority #1 when it comes to growing your customer base.


"Build it and they will come." This is more likely to happen in startup fairy tales. In reality, you are more likely to need a sales process that can close the leads that your marketing brings through the door. 

The Customer

There are few things more important than the customer. Being customer-centric business allows you a lot more lattitude for mistakes than if your customers bought from you simply because of your product. 


This is important to every business, but especially important for startups. Managing burn, getting funding, knowing how to effectively control a P&L...all of these things can make or break a startup. 


Startups live and die on their leadership. Developing hiring the right people and developing new leaders can be as important to success as building the right product.

8 weeks.

Priceless content.

KnowCap X Advisors are handpicked to be guides for your startup. Our program fails if you fail, so we sought out practitioners that know exactly how to build a high-growth company. 


Want to learn more? Send us an e-mail and we'll answer any question you can think of.

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