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Why build in Atlanta?

Being based in Atlanta we are biased that ATL is the next great hub for startups. It has a large concentration of talent, corporate partners, and people with ideas. An rare recipe for explosive innovation. 

By building our first ecosystem here, we aim to add more fuel to the flames by building programs for founders and establish strong investor and corporate relationships.

What you will find at KnowCap Atlanta


There's no need to reinvent the wheel. A space where no idea is dumb, and creative people can interact and inspire each other is where innovation thrives. 


This may have a negative connotation, but we love hustlers. They are the kind of founders who will move mountains to build companies that will move the world. 


Inside every Lab, you will find in-house operators who know startups and their domains like the back of their hands. Access to KnowCap team members are available for lab members at reduced rates. 

Community options


You have world-changing ideas, but you may not know what you want to build yet. We have a place for you.

Build Your Ideas


In our space, desks can leave their belongings so members can pick up where they left off the next day. 

Grab A Desk


Have a growing startup that need space for the team? We can grow as you grow. 

Get An Office


The Labs program is for founders who would like to exchange equity for office space and access to our expert team. 

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The impact of Labs

de-risk the founder journey

In many cases you will read about a founders journey to startup success where they had to quit their jobs and max out their credit cards, and almost went bankrupt five times. 

At KnowCap we believe that building a startup is hard enough as it is, one way we have an impact is by de-risking the idea of a startup. With our resources and our flexible payment options, founders don't have to bet the entire farm on whether their idea succeeds or not. 

community first

Founder engagement needs to be high to produce the most impact as possible. This impact isn't necessarily economic, it also means that people who work out of our Labs believe that their work is valuable. 

Our mission is to help you build a fast-growing company, not for our sake but so the community of that lab can grow and build more winners in the region.


Having a focus on education means that we aren't only designing content for entrepreneurs. We want to improve the regions where our ecosystems are located. 

By offering free workshops, Labs will be where community members, who aren't founders, will have the tools to thrive in a competitive marketplace for new skills.

locally invested

When we plan out an ecosystem we want to make sure we hire as much as possible from within the region. If we plant roots in Atlanta, GA, we want to hire people within that region. 

Holding true to our promise that each KnowCap ecosystem will generate revenues that will be re-invested back into that region. 

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