Agency is a program that was built due to inbound requests to leverage our talent and innovation strategy to help larger companies launch new projects and initiatives. Our goal is to create a flexible model where any organization can work with us regardless of if they match the traditional definition of a "startup."

When mature companies work with our team via the Agency model, they come with the mentality of building something new and special. They want to disrupt their status quo in order to prevent their entire business from being disrupted.

This is not the right space if your goal is to more of the same.

It's perfect if you want KnowCap to help you build the future of your organization.

Why Agency?

When the future is looking you in the face, you have two options...1) Continue on the same path or 2) Tap into your own future

Every organization has a deep roster of entrepreneurial team members. We help you surface the best ideas to the top and build new streams of revenue into your bottom line.

We built Agency for companies who want to shift from tradition and develop modern tools and products for their customers.

The aim of this program is to replace the need to develop an internal corporate innovation department. KnowCap becomes your corporate innovation department.

Tap Into Our Talent

Everything about Agency is about leveraging our team as a component of your team. We collaborate with founders to scope out a project. and establish a plan for implementation.

All of our seven teams are available for anything you may need. All you have to do is ask.

Here are our services:

  • Product Design
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Software Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Website Design

Agency Fees

Our Agency program is anything but standard. In fact, we custom build every engagement to match the short-term and long-term vision for the companies we engage with.

When we partner with a company, we work with your team to find an idea, validate it with your customers, and then build the product. Throughout this process we will also determine the product or initiative's go-to-market strategy and generate initial revenues.

Once this process is complete we will either provide the roadmap to spin the joint project into its own company or re-integrate it into the main organization.

There are no upfront fees fo this program. We require 10-25% of equity in the new venture. This aligns our compensation directly with our work for your organization.

10-25% equity in new venture

Up to 3,000 hours of human capital resources

Up to $125,000 worth of technology credits

Private knowledge base with hundreds of hours in curated and original content

Roadmap for spinning out subsidiary or re-integration

Ready to kickoff an Agency project?

Don't worry. We make it easy as ABC to leverage our talent.

Even our forms are simple.

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