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We're Mission-Driven

Our mission is to help people with ideas turn them into fast-growing companies. Quickly. 
We keep this mission in the forefront of our minds with every new program we create and each interaction with founders, cities, or corporations. We believe that in the future, there will be a new way to build startups, and in the same vein, a new way to scale them with velocity.

We're Dreamers

We imagined what would it look like if founders didn't need to move to Silicon Valley or New York to build a successful startup. How would they partner with corporations? How would their success impact the economic development of the city they were located in? How can we build this at scale?
Enter our startup ecosystems. An inclusive platform that brings human capital resources to the table with people just cannot get an idea out of their heads. Our favorite people to work with are dreamers like ourselves. We think big because even if it's a miss, it will still change lives. 

We're Community-Focused

Building startup ecosystems that help entrepreneurs go from idea to growth stage is what we do. 
We cannot do this at scale without the support of the cities we work with. Bringing officials into our process is how we design our ecosystems to fit each location. Our Atlanta location will be different from our Cleveland location, and our Portland location different from our Sao Paolo ecosystem. 
Having a winning startup can shift the quality of life for residents within the city. Look at Atlanta, where the two most popular hubs for entrepreneurs were built by local, successful founders. 
It is our belief that when the best entrepreneurial talent stays within their community, they can have an outsized impact on economic development. 
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